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    The best travel video I’ve ever seen, seriously.

    The more I think about it, the more I can see myself in Turkey for the rest of my future.

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    “Walkers are ‘practitioners of the city,’ for the city is made to be walked. A city is a language, a repository of possibilities, and walking is the act of speaking that language, of selecting from those possibilities. Just as language limits what can be said, architecture limits where one can walk, but the walker invents other ways to go.” 
    ― Rebecca SolnitWanderlust: A History of Walking



  • The Sorrowful Taste Of Home

    First of all, did I write that correctly?

    I write this entry as I sit on my bed at 7:20pm EST. Yes, EST. So much has happened since National Day holiday in China began. SO MUCH.

    National Day holiday is a week long heaven-sent break. Heaven-sent just because you get to relax for a bit. Not saying our lives are hectic but…they are. China has a way of keeping you on your toes. A specialty of theirs. 

    Anyways, my National Day holiday started off a bit earlier than some of the other the PCVs’. I chilled for the first few days and spent a bit of time with another Chengdu PCV. Wasn’t till the weekend that I left Chengdu to see another good PCV friend of mine. I stayed in their city and it seemed so serene compared to Chengdu. Nice change of pace. I was not planning to return to my site until Monday but I ended up heading home Sunday. Turns out it was a blessing of sorts. I think about it now and I think about how things ended up working out. In a horrid kind of way but worked out nonetheless. 

    Sunday night I got the text that commenced my EL hell. For those of you not accustomed to Peace Corps jargon, EL is short for Emergency Leave. That one text led to an onslaught of phone calls. Phone calls all to get me home. Home to good ol’ Florida. 

    I now sit here in the comfort of the American way I’ve known all my life. Right now I’m on day 10 of 14. During ELs, we are given 14 days of leave. I hear you can extend your stay under certain circumstances but I don’t think I’d be given the extension. I also don’t think I would benefit much from it.

    Being home has been a serious roller coaster. There are good things and horrible things about being here. It all has to do with the reason for which I was approved EL for. I wrote blog entries during the whole ordeal of PC initiating/approving my EL and during my journey home but I’m not sure if I want to look at those just yet much less post them. But I do know I wanted them jotted down so I at least made drafts. Maybe one day when I am ready. 

    The days after my arrival I decided that though my EL days 1 through 6 were utter hell, I would make the last few the best I could. 

    Therefore, I have been indulging in the little things I’ve missed while in China. Be it fast food or just going grocery shopping. 

    Mini story: One of the highlights of my EL leave in the first few days was our trip to the grocery store. Who knew going to the grocery store could make one so happy? I took so many pictures of things I had taken for granted. My older brother thought me crazy. See? Missing a place for too long makes you look a little psycho.

    I only have a couple days left here. I’m simultaneously ready and not ready. If that makes any sense. 

    Tomorrow I have my best distraction planned. A trip to Orlando. Solo trip [First ever at that]. Meet up with one of my best friends for dinner (kinda early to be considered dinner but whatevs) at Cheesecake Factory!! YES, THAT IS RIGHT! CHEESECAKE FACTORY!! I craved my tiramisu cheesecake endlessly while in China. So I am making it happen while I am here. After that we will head to Universal Studios for Halloween Horror Nights. I feel wrong going to HHN but I need distractions. I figure getting the living daylights scared out of me is a good distraction. Plus, I have never been and as a Floridian I am pretty sure that is an insult. 

    My other distractions have been more subtle. Such as a shopping trip I had earlier on. I also went grocery shopping for things I planned on taking back to China with me. 

    I leave Monday morning. EXTRA EARLY MORNING. I’m not sure if I’m ready but I’m also not sure if I’m ready to stay here. So back to China it is. It’ll def be distraction heavy so I’m ready to get back and continue this PCV life.

  • Somehow it’s about to be a week… 

    A week since my mother passed away.

    I truly don’t know how. Time has somehow gone by super slowly and yet so quickly at the same time. Time is unforgiving.

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    Designer Goula Figeura’s Orwell day bed lets you easily shut yourself off from the outside world with its light and noise-cancelling curtains.

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    "Scene of Seoul"

    Photographer : Ogh Sang Su

    Models : Stefani Lee & Lee Seung Mi

    Vogue Korea August 2013

    (Scans Source)

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    National Holiday travels at Qinghai Lake

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    i hate when people say that women should dress more modestly in order to “leave something to the imagination”. leave what to the imagination? what do people think is under my clothes? a mass of algae? memes? shinji ikari?

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    Is currently unfolding.

    And China isn’t helping.

    I gave you my passport WEEKS ago. I could have had it right now, when it is urgent, but no. You decide to leave things till last minute, China. You’re screwing me over.

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    - James T, Madagascar

  • Why You Have So Much (FREE) Time

    According to China, the reason you may have so much time on your hands is because you don’t have a boyfriend. Yup, that is right. Lack of a man means you have nothing but time. Twice I have had one of my students say that they have no plans for that day. Why? Because they have no boyfriend. 

    Oh, China.